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Trampoline Drills for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics by Joy Umenhofer ~ Release Skills & Dismounts
Item Number: 2446
Price: $25.00

Trampoline Drills For Release Skills On Bars provides instruction that assists in building athletes’ awareness while airborne as well as give alternative trampoline drills to correct timing on take offs, rotation and twisting for release moves like Tkatchev, Jaeger, and Geinger.

Trampoline Drills For Dismounts will help skill acquisition for dismounts on all events. Build amplitude and efficiency while correcting dismounting errors.  Drills for single and multiple saltos and twists.
Trampoline Drills for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics by Joy Umenhofer ~ Vault and Floor I & II
Item Number: 2445
Price: $25.00

Trampoline Drills for Vault and Floor I & II provides trampoline drills to support the correct development of skills containing rotation and twist. These drills will also correct common mistakes that often prevent continued skill development such as: twisting too soon, burying head at take-off, lack of block off floor, etc. Beginning these drills at the earliest stage of development will lead to solid skill acquisition and confidence in the athlete later on.
Item Number: 1002
Price: $34.95

Level 1 Manual he Level 1 Gymnastics Coaching Manual covers all aspects of gymnastics at the Level 1 Level. Specifically it includes safety awareness information, coaching skills as they pertain to the Women's Artistic Level 1, progression charts, lesson plans, accountability charts, skill evaluation forms, legal responsibilities, glossary of terms and much much more!
Yurchenko Development
Item Number: 2457
Price: $25.00

Yurchenko Development  (DVD does not have audio)  

This will cover how we  (at TBT) have implemented basic drills for Yurchenko style vaulting into our program to prepare beginning level optional gymnasts for the future. By Brad Harris of Tampa Bay Turners  
Dance Drills DVD- Instructor's Workshop
Item Number: 2114
Price: $15.00

Coaches Education. Approximate running time: 2 hrs.
Women's National Team Training Warm-up DVD
Item Number: 2149
Price: $15.00

This video was filmed prior to the 2000 Olympics. It features Bela Karolyi conducting the Long and Short version of Training Warm-up with Conditioning, Testing and Dance Class. Approximate running time: 1 hr 15 mins.
Gheza Pozsar's Ballet Bar Training for Gymnasts DVD
Item Number: 2961
Price: $10.00

Dance and ballet bar instruction for artistic gymnastics by Gheza Pozsar. Approximate running time: 16 mins.
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