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Xcel Code of Points
Item Number: 3105
Price: $40.00

The Xcel Code of Points is the official rule book for the Xcel Program.  This book is a complete guide for coaches and judges. In addition to all of the rules and regulations the Xcel Code of Points includes  illustrations of all allowable skills and examples of routines.  A must-have for anyone involved in the Xcel program.  

2nd Edition


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Women's JO Compulsory and Optional Flip-book
Item Number: 3113
Price: $25.00

A convenient size flip-book provides quick access to all the Junior Olympic Compulsory and Optional rules. A great resource for coaches and judges.  Includes Levels 1–10 requirements and deductions. Available to order now.

2nd Edition

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50 Years of Gymnastics Champions
Item Number: 6000
Price: $20.00

Own the “50 Years of Gymnastics Champions,” the ultimate memory book

For pictures and stories on the sport’s biggest names from 1950 through 2012, buy the “50 Years of Gymnastics Champions,” which traces the organization’s history and the people who made a difference behind the scenes and on the field of play.  Chock full of photos, the 72 page book chronicles the men and women who have won World and Olympic medals for the USA, culminating with the Fierce FiveSM.  With photos of your favorite gymnasts and stories on the sport’s biggest names, it is the perfect keepsake for any gymnastics fan. From 1963-2012, it also lists every U.S. champion, as well as includes the U.S. medalists at World Championships, Pan American Games and Olympic Games from 1970, when USA Gymnastics was recognized as the national governing body for the sport, through 2012.  This is a must have for gymnastics and sports fans alike.
Women's JO Compulsory, Spanish Version
Item Number: 3111SP
Price: $50.00

This is the compulsory book in Spanish.

The official text, illustrations and penalties for Levels 1 through 5 compulsory exercises for 2013 through 2021. This is a “must have” for all Junior Olympic Compulsory coaches and judges. Available to order now.

Copyright © 2013 by USA Gymnastics

All rights reserved.
The Gymnast Care Book on Injuries
Item Number: 6005
Price: $39.95

The Gymnast Care Book on Injuries gives you a plan of action for your gymnast’s injury that you can put into place today, with easy to follow, proven protocols for the most common gymnastics injuries.

There is very little information widely available on gymnastics injuries, and you can be left guessing what the best course of action can be for your gymnast. As a parent or coach, you have been to many different providers looking for answers for your gymnasts without much help. This can be extremely frustrating.

The Gymnast Care Book on Injuries gives you easy to use, simple to follow, practical protocols that you can put into place today to get your athlete healthier and stronger than before.

We've put our proven protocols for ankle, heel, knee, hip flexor, back, wrist, nutrition, and head injuries into the Gymnast Care Book on Injuries so you can know what the leaders in gymnastics injuries are using every day to get their gymnasts back into the gym.

All of the protocols for core strength, landing technique, and other injuries are the same ones used by the professionals that work with the worlds best athletes: Olympians.

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Mastering Men’s Gymnastics, Intermediate Skills and Progressions
Item Number: 2478
Price: $24.95

This comprehensive DVD encompasses all aspects of gymnastics training at the intermediate level for boys. This DVD helps gymnasts develop beyond the beginning compulsory skills to build routines through the rules of the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) Code of Points. Topics covered include: techniques and progressions for floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and the horizontal bar. Coach Mark Williams provides detailed information that will assist gymnastics coaches and instructors at any level. He emphasizes the requirements for each event that will enable gymnasts to build a foundation of intermediate skills to construct optional routines. The Special Features section includes training tips and routines by 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Guard Young.
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