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Women's Mini Xcel Code of Points
Item Number: 3105MINI
Price: $60.00

NEW! Mini Xcel Code of Points (half the size)
The 2018-2022 Women's Xcel Code of Points is the official rule book for the Women's Xcel Program. This book is a complete guide for coaches and judges. In addition to all of the rules and regulations the Xcel Code of Points includes illustrations of all allowable skills and examples of routines. A "must-have" for anyone involved in the Xcel program. This version is complete in a 3 ring-binder.
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Women's JO Mini Code of Points
Item Number: 3117MINI
Price: $60.00

NEW! Mini Code of Points (half the size) - The official "rule book" for 2018–2022 for the Women's Junior Olympic Optional Levels 6 through 10. Includes a listing of all skills, complete with their value plus illustrations of each skill. A "must have" for all Junior Olympic Optional coaches and judges. Rules valid until 2022.