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Trampoline & Tumbling 2018-2021 Code of Points Levels 1-10
Item Number: 3651
Price: $24.95

NEW! - The official hard copy of the Trampoline & Tumbling Code of Points for 2018–2021 Levels 1-10. Includes rules for Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini, Judges Quick Reference Guides, Difficulty Shorthand and Event Specific Guides for Levels 1-10. DVD includes video examples of all compulsory and optional levels. An excellent resource to provide JO program coaches and judges with the most current information. Rules are valid until 2021.
Recent Additions
Women's JO NEW Optional Flip Book, 2018-2022
Item Number: 8109
Price: $20.00

The convenient size flip-book provides quick access to all the Junior Olympic Optional rules A great resource for coaches and judges includes Levels 6-10 requirements and deductions. Valid Optional rules through July of 2021.

Available to order in November.
Women's JO Code of Points
Item Number: 3117
Price: $60.00

NEW! - The official “rule book” for 2018–2022 for the Women’s Junior Olympic Optional Levels 6 through 10. Includes a listing of all skills, complete with their value plus illustrations of each skill. A “must have” for all Junior Olympic Optional coaches and judges. Rules valid until 2022.
Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 1 & 2 Workbook
Item Number: 1305
Price: $10.00

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 1&2 Workbook provides skill charts for beginning rhythmic gymnastics training. The progressions offered in this book will give students a strong repertoire of basic skills needed to progress into the Junior Olympic competitive program or into Rhythmic Xcel. The workbooks also include coloring pages and advancement certificates. It is recommended for clubs to purchase one workbook per student.
Women's NEW Xcel Flip Book, 2018-2022
Item Number: 8021-A
Price: $20.00

The convenient size flip-book provides quick access to all the Women's Xcel Optional rules. A great resource for coaches and judges that includes divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Value parts, special requirements and general information are included in this book and valid rules through July of 2022.

Available to order in November.
Boy’s Essential Elements Level 1-2-3 Program
Item Number: 8103
Price: $39.95

The mission of the Essential Elements program is to provide accessibility to boy’s gymnastics through a structured program that can be easily implemented in a variety of environments and facility locations. The program is designed to be ‘cost effective’ and ‘space efficient’ for both the athlete and the program director. Essential Elements is a program that can be implemented as a ‘plug and play’ package where boy’s gymnastics programs may not currently exist or as an addition to an already established youth sports program. Although the Essential Elements Level 1-2-3 program can be used at any age it is designed primarily for pre-competitive age boys 4 to 10.

The Essential Elements package includes one disk, which contains:

  • Manual: The Essential Elements Program – includes program description, skill charts, curriculum planning charts, and sample lesson plans.
  • Video: Complete video of all five skill categories
  • Forms: Writable PDF versions of Essential Elements lesson plan charts, evaluation charts and certificates