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USA Gymnastics Branding Kit
Item Number: 9012
Price: $345.00

Included in the official branding kit is a 3x5 horizontal banner and the 3x7 free-standing banner. (items 9006 and 9007) Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
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Dance Your Way to Greater Skills
Item Number: 9016
Price: $25.95

Dance Your Way to Greater Skills is an educational DVD that brings dance technique to your gym workouts. This is the perfect DVD for teachers and coaches of all levels wanting a simple way to incorporate dance elements. The DVD offers 1, 5, and 10 minute "routines" that athletes will be able to do to improve their dance skills. Perfect for lesson plans from the recreational to the competitive gymnast. Just press play and have your athletes follow along to let Dance Your Way to Greater Skills create a great foundation and empower your athletes to excel with the dance elements of the new compulsories and beyond! By Julianne Jarrett Snape
Women's JO Compulsory and Optional Flip-book
Item Number: 3113
Price: $25.00

A convenient size flip-book provides quick access to all the Junior Olympic Compulsory and Optional rules. A great resource for coaches and judges.  Includes Levels 1–10 requirements and deductions. Available to order now.

NEW! 3rd Edition

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Men's High School Gymnastics patch
Item Number: 9014
Price: $12.00

Children's Book-Let the River Flow
Item Number: 9013
Price: $8.00

Let the River Flow is a fictional children’s book that teaches a lesson about overcoming setbacks on and off the playing field. Author, Vanessa Atler, is a U.S. National Champion and a 1998 Goodwill Games Gold Medalist. She was also a world team member in 1999. The story of River is based on Vanessa’s childhood as a young gymnast.

This product is only available online when ordering a quantity of 12 or more.

For 1-11 books, please visit https://usagym.org/pages/bookOrders.html to place individual orders.

USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Event 3 x 7 foot, Free-Standing Banner
Item Number: 9006
Price: $275.00

Order your official USA Gymnastics 3x7 foot, free-standing pull-up banner to display at your sanctioned meets. Use this banner in the entrance to your meet, on the competition floor or in the awards area. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
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