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USA Gymnastics Branding Kit
Item Number: 9012
Price: $345.00

Included in the official branding kit is a 3x5 horizontal banner and the 3x7 free-standing banner. (items 9006 and 9007) Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Event 3 x 7 foot, Free-Standing Banner
Item Number: 9006
Price: $275.00

Order your official USA Gymnastics 3x7 foot, free-standing pull-up banner to display at your sanctioned meets. Use this banner in the entrance to your meet, on the competition floor or in the awards area. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Event Banner
Item Number: 9007
Price: $99.00

Order your official USA Gymnastics 5 x 3 foot banner to display at your sanctioned meets. Use this banner in the entrance to your meet, on the competition floor or in the awards area. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
Athlete Warrior Tumbling and Trampoline
Item Number: 2441
Price: $50.00

This workbook is for the optional gymnast who is ready to take their mental training to the next level. They should already be familiar with sport psychology and enjoy thinking "deep". Mental training is no different than physical training. It takes time, commitment, and discipline. Too many gymnasts train an amazing amount of hours physically without ever attending to mental training. All fear, frustration, inconsistency, competition stress, discouragement, anxiety, and anger stems from out of control thinking. Out of control thinking leads to out of control performance. This workbook will help gymnasts discipline their minds just as they discipline their bodies. Mental training is not for "head cases". It is for any gymnast that is committed enough to be her very best.
The exercises in this workbook are aimed to help the gymnast maintain correct mental technique or what we call "tight mind". We define "tight mind" as "in the zone"; feeling confident, effortless, relaxed, excited, and focused. Disciplining the mind takes practice. Just as any gymnast works on maintaining correct technique, pulling the body back to perfection when it is off, disciplining the mind takes the same pain-staking effort.
The Athlete Warrior is for a gymnast that can think deep and is 100% committed to mental training. The foundation of this workbook is Eastern philosophical mind training. The training monks and martial artists are known for. It will not only change an athlete's gymnastics, but change the way they look at life.
Athletic Taping and Bracing Book-3rd Edition
Item Number: 8000
Price: $59.00

The premier text for athletic taping and bracing retains its emphasis on the techniques most commonly used by athletic trainers and therapists while integrating the science of anatomy and injury mechanisms with the practice of athlete taping and bracing. By David H. Perrin, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Athletic Taping and Bracing DVD
Item Number: 8002
Price: $47.95

Taping expert David Perrin, PhD, ACT, demonstrates 32 taping and bracing procedures, 11 strap taping and kinesiology taping techniques on the DVD.
Back Handspring Drills/Back Tuck Clinic
Item Number: 1014
Price: $39.95

Patti gives a lecture on teaching and spotting the back handspring while a student performs each step. Also included on the DVD is a one-hour back handspring clinic that showcases a number of useful drills. The accompanying book includes 40 drills and hints on teaching the back handspring by Tumblebear Connection. (1 hr. 20 min. DVD & 6-page book)
Back Handsprings: The Secret Techniques Easy to Learn Skills and Training Tips!
Item Number: 2968
Price: $19.95

This book is for cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers, martial artists, parents, instructors,... or anyone who wants to learn a back handspring safely. By Rik Feeney.
Cheerleading: Conditioning for Back Handsprings and Tumbling Success!
Item Number: 2969
Price: $19.95

This book is for cheerleaders, coaches, parents, gymnasts, martial artists, dancers, recreational instructors, or anyone interested in using conditioning techniques to improve physical health, athletic performance, and injury prevention. By Rik Feeney.
Dynamic Stretching DVD
Item Number: 2425
Price: $20.00

The Dynamic Stretching DVD, presented by Megan Gearhart, PT, OCS, is approximately 18 minutes in length, but if completed with recommended repetitions, the workout would comprise a 30-minute dynamic warm-up.
Gymnastics Risk Management
Item Number: 7002
Price: $20.00

Gymnastics Risk Management, 2013 Edition, Revised November 2015
Perfect 10 Posture Book
Item Number: 9009
Price: $30.00

Perfect 10 Posture (P10P) is a unique 4-step training program designed to strengthen the body at its core, thereby enhancing gymnastics performance for athletes at all levels. Author Paula R. Lord PMA-CPT
Perfect 10.0 Core: Finding Your Inner Core
Item Number: 8108
Price: $40.00

"A strong core is imperative to transfer forces through the body to achieve peak performance..."

"Proper motor sequencing and neuromuscular recruitment is the key to true core initiation..."

This instructional video on core recruitment by Brandi Smith-Young, PT will helpyour athlete achieve proper core recruitment to optimize peak performance, enhance shaping, and prevent injury. Proper neuromuscular recruitment and motor sequencing of the abdominals is imperative to initiate the internal abdominal muscles, which stabilize the low back. This video includes a step-by-step progression of abdominal exercises utilizing a manual blood pressure cuff for biofeedback to retrain muscle-firing patterns and decrease muscle imbalances. Following this progression will help your athlete achieve the shaping every judge is looking for and help keep his or her body healthy. Brandi Smith-Young, PT, FAAOMPT, OSC

Perfect 10.0 Shoulder: Finding Stability Within
Item Number: 8107
Price: $40.00

"A stable shoulder complex is imperative to transfer forces through the body to achieve peak performance..."

"Proper movement patterns and neuromuscular recruitment is the key to upper body power..."

This instructional video on shoulder stability by Brandi Smith-Young, PT will help your athlete attain the necessary shoulder stability to achieve peak amplitude, optimize peak performance, enhance shaping and prevent injury. Proper muscle balance and neuromuscular recruitment between all shoulder complex and rotator cuffmuscles must be achieved to optimize shoulder complex mobility and stability. This video includes a step-by-step progression of shoulder mobility and stability exercises to retrain muscle firing patterns, functional movement patterns, and decrease muscle imbalances. Following this progression will help your athlete achieve their goals while staying healthy. Brandi Smith-Young PT, FAAOMPT, OCS

Teaching Somersaults DVD
Item Number: 2406
Price: $20.00

Approximate running time: 45 mins.
Trampoline & Tumbling Technique (New October 2011)
Item Number: 2426
Price: $25.00

Trampoline Progressions from basic bouncing technique, drops, drills for somersaulting, single somersaults with twists to double somersaulting and twisting multiple somersaults. The DVD shows an easy sequence for coaches to safely teach the highest level skills. These drills and skills are easily transferred to floor. There are bonus chapters on warm-up and conditioning as well as some tumbling: round-off, flic, and whip drills.

Produced by Joy Umenhofer

Tumble Bug Color Coded Lesson Plan CD
Item Number: 2430
Price: $20.00

Order and print your own Lesson plans. A full set of color-coded lesson plans with rotations for trampoline, tumbling. A perfect time class starter with stretch time ideas and go home activity for every class time. This CD does the work for you, just print out the plans and you are prepared for a new Tumble Bug adventure each week.
Tumble Bug Coloring Pages CD
Item Number: 2431
Price: $20.00

Would you like something to help educate the parents of your preschool students. Let’s help make them part of the learning circle by using, Tumble Bug color pages. These pages focus on skills learned during class time safety in the gym and at home and life skills we learn during class time. Each week you can send your student’s home with a Tumble Bug color page that highlights the gymnastics skills, life skills or safety topics we learn during class time. Encourage parents to spend time with their child with a little Tumble Bug color fun.
Tumble Bug Teacher Tips CD
Item Number: 2432
Price: $20.00

Need a little help motivating and inspiring your preschool staff. This 15 week set of teacher tips focuses each week on one trampoline skill and one tumbling skill along with a teach tip about safety or learning styles for preschool age children. Each week also contains the positive word of the week. Copy and post each week in your staff's roll book as a constant reminder to learn, be safe and be positive.
Tumble Bugs Preschool Program Guide
Item Number: 2429
Price: $50.00

Preschool gymnastics can be the make or break program for your gym. Tumble Bugs it is a complete guide to trampoline and tumbling for preschool age children. It seems parents want more for the money these days and the Tumble Bug program offers just that. This complete program offers ideas to enhance gross motor development while developing fine motor skills as well, all while you learn about the world around you. The Tumble Bug Book is a great guide to help train your preschool staff how to deal with the different learning types, how to the use of different teaching tools to help make your program fresh and new each and every week. Help start the creative pattern of thinking in your staff. Motivate them to think outside the typical gymnastics box. Is it really just an incline or a launching pad for our trip to the moon? Using themes each week helps your students not only learn about gymnastics, but about the world around them. Students do not waste a moment of time during there Tumble Bug class. They are constantly learning. This book comes with lesson plans that offer a new and exciting adventure every time your students walk through your door.
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