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Rhythmic Compulsory Program: Two-Disc Set
Item Number: 2322
Price: $40.00

Disc 1: Official Compulsory music CD for Levels 3-5 and Beginner Group.

Disc 2: Official Compulsory Routine DVD for Levels 3-5 and Beginner Group. Includes a Video Glossary of basic body and apparatus elements, a demonstration of each routine with the music, and a slow motion version of each routine with textual cues for the required elements. This is an invaluable teaching aid for both the gymnast and coach. For anyone new to rhythmic gymnastics, this is the entry point into learning rhythmic routines. Best used after completing the Level 1-2 Training materials

Note: These routines do not match the requirements for the current Junior Olympic competitive program. They should be used as a reference only.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 1 & 2 Workbook
Item Number: 1305
Price: $10.00

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Level 1&2 Workbook provides skill charts for beginning rhythmic gymnastics training. The progressions offered in this book will give students a strong repertoire of basic skills needed to progress into the Junior Olympic competitive program or into Rhythmic Xcel. The workbooks also include coloring pages and advancement certificates. It is recommended for clubs to purchase one workbook per student.
Beginner Ballet for Rhythmic Gymnastics (DVD/CD Set)
Item Number: 1312
Price: $25.00

This set includes a DVD of beginning ballet instruction for rhythmic gymnastics as well as an accompanying CD of music to be used in conjunction with the ballet combinations. New July 2009.
Building Blocks: A Developmental Approach to Preschool Rhythmic Gymn.
Item Number: 1311
Price: $24.95

Written by Joni Spata and Tracey Callahan Molnar this book is designed to help sell a Rhythmic Program to Gym Owners and Parents. It also includes information for getting the program started, teaching classes and keeping interest.

NOTE: This item is currently on backorder.
2011 Youth Elite Squad Camp 7 Disc Set
Item Number: 2370
Price: $65.00

A seven disc set is available from the 2011 Youth Elite Squad Camp. The set includes: ballet, warm ups, jumps, rope, hoop, ball, club and ribbon with the following technicians:

USA National Team Ballet Clinician: Sonya Yankova

Russian coach and 1992 Olympic Bronze Bedalist: Oxana Skaldina

Russian Olympic School Coach: Alla Ianina

Coaches choosing to work with the DVDs are encouraged to analyze the experts teaching of elements, skill progression, error detection and accurate technical correction.

Athletic Taping and Bracing DVD
Item Number: 8002
Price: $50.00

Taping expert David Perrin, PhD, ACT, demonstrates 32 taping and bracing procedures, 11 strap taping and kinesiology taping techniques on the DVD.