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USA Gymnastics Branding Kit
Item Number: 9012
Price: $345.00

Included in the official branding kit is a 3x5 horizontal banner and the 3x7 free-standing banner. (items 9006 and 9007) Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Event 3 x 7 foot, Free-Standing Banner
Item Number: 9006
Price: $275.00

Order your official USA Gymnastics 3x7 foot, free-standing pull-up banner to display at your sanctioned meets. Use this banner in the entrance to your meet, on the competition floor or in the awards area. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Event Banner
Item Number: 9007
Price: $99.00

Order your official USA Gymnastics 5 x 3 foot banner to display at your sanctioned meets. Use this banner in the entrance to your meet, on the competition floor or in the awards area. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery
Xcel DEM Cards
Item Number: 8102
Price: $40.00

Xcel DEM Cards are a concise version of the Xcel rules. These cards list: A description of each vault and deductions for each division's vaults. Special Requirements on Bars, Beam and Floor as well as Difficulty restrictions, Value Parts and Clarifications for each division. Event deductions and angle requirements
Perfect 10.0 Core: Finding Your Inner Core
Item Number: 8108
Price: $40.00

"A strong core is imperative to transfer forces through the body to achieve peak performance..."

"Proper motor sequencing and neuromuscular recruitment is the key to true core initiation..."

This instructional video on core recruitment by Brandi Smith-Young, PT will helpyour athlete achieve proper core recruitment to optimize peak performance, enhance shaping, and prevent injury. Proper neuromuscular recruitment and motor sequencing of the abdominals is imperative to initiate the internal abdominal muscles, which stabilize the low back. This video includes a step-by-step progression of abdominal exercises utilizing a manual blood pressure cuff for biofeedback to retrain muscle-firing patterns and decrease muscle imbalances. Following this progression will help your athlete achieve the shaping every judge is looking for and help keep his or her body healthy. Brandi Smith-Young, PT, FAAOMPT, OSC

Perfect 10.0 Shoulder: Finding Stability Within
Item Number: 8107
Price: $40.00

"A stable shoulder complex is imperative to transfer forces through the body to achieve peak performance..."

"Proper movement patterns and neuromuscular recruitment is the key to upper body power..."

This instructional video on shoulder stability by Brandi Smith-Young, PT will help your athlete attain the necessary shoulder stability to achieve peak amplitude, optimize peak performance, enhance shaping and prevent injury. Proper muscle balance and neuromuscular recruitment between all shoulder complex and rotator cuffmuscles must be achieved to optimize shoulder complex mobility and stability. This video includes a step-by-step progression of shoulder mobility and stability exercises to retrain muscle firing patterns, functional movement patterns, and decrease muscle imbalances. Following this progression will help your athlete achieve their goals while staying healthy. Brandi Smith-Young PT, FAAOMPT, OCS

Athletic Taping and Bracing Book-3rd Edition
Item Number: 8000
Price: $65.00

The premier text for athletic taping and bracing retains its emphasis on the techniques most commonly used by athletic trainers and therapists while integrating the science of anatomy and injury mechanisms with the practice of athlete taping and bracing. By David H. Perrin, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Athletic Taping and Bracing DVD
Item Number: 8002
Price: $50.00

Taping expert David Perrin, PhD, ACT, demonstrates 32 taping and bracing procedures, 11 strap taping and kinesiology taping techniques on the DVD.
Dynamic Stretching DVD
Item Number: 2425
Price: $20.00

The Dynamic Stretching DVD, presented by Megan Gearhart, PT, OCS, is approximately 18 minutes in length, but if completed with recommended repetitions, the workout would comprise a 30-minute dynamic warm-up.
Gymnastics: Skills and Drills for the Women's Level 5 Coach and Gymnast by Rita Brown and Gym Cert
Item Number: 8014
Price: $39.95

L 6-8 Bars
Item Number: 2460
Price: $25.00

Compulsory Bars (DVD does not have audio)

The major areas of emphasis covered on this disk are going to be the physical preparation specific to L 1-5 Bars, mill circles, single leg basket swings, front hip circles, underswings, kips, casts, clear hip circles, tap swings, “whip” pull-overs and fly-aways. I feel that if the young compulsory level gymnast can be highly proficient with these “core” skills, solid bar development is much more likely. By Brad Harris of Tampa Bay Turners   
L 8/9 Bars
Item Number: 2461
Price: $25.00

 This DVD will cover our minimum level of pre-requisite skill development and strength for Level 8 & 9 bars, front giants, pirouetting skills, blind changes, hop changes, intermediate bar to bar flight moves and dismounts common to level 8 & 9 Bars. I feel that if the level 8 & 9 optional gymnast can be master these skills they are well on their way to great advanced bars.  By Brad Harris of Tampa Bay Turners  (DVD does not have audio)  
Learning the Fine Points DVD by Julianne Jarrett Snape
Item Number: 2476
Price: $39.95

2013-2021 Learning the Fine Points is an educational DVD for learning, teaching, and understanding all the dance elements in the new compulsory routines.  This is the perfect DVD for new teachers, pre-team coaches, compulsory coaches and judges wanting to have a simple clear understanding of dance elements  and movements in the level 1-5 routines.  It will explain and demonstrate not only what to look for in each element, but ways to correct mistakes and communicate different techniques when making corrections.  Perfect for lesson plans from the recreational to the competitive gymnast.  Learning the Fine Points will provide a great foundation for all to excel with the dance elements of the new compulsories and beyond!
Optional Development
Item Number: 2453
Price: $25.00

Optional Development (DVD does not have audio)

On this DVD, Brad covers how he and his staff supplement the compulsory workouts at Tampa Bay Turners with physical preparation, drills, and the teaching of certain skills that promote optional development. Although he feels that the USAG compulsory program is a good one, a lot more needs to be done to make a smooth transition into optional gymnastics. By Brad Harris of Tampa Bay Turners 
Pick 3- My Favorite Beam Drills by Cheryl Jarrett
Item Number: 2967
Price: $20.00

This DVD shows lead ups and drills to teach, tumbling, single acro skills, leaps, jumps.  It is broken down by sections and skills.  This is good to set up these stations and have the athletes begin training them at the compulsory levels.  No spotting needed - Love that!
School-Age Year-Long Lesson Plan Book
Item Number: 1011
Price: $149.95

Ready for a full calendar year? This 144-page book contains a complete set of 26 lesson plans. Included are stations and the specific skills to work on weekly. These items are a lifesaver, giving the school-age teacher an exact guide for each class. Lesson plans coincide with the weekly themes and setups used in #201 - make it easy on your teachers. Lessons included: Circuits and Straddle, Parent's Spotting, Mounts and Dismounts, Nutrition, Super Bowl Time, Val Pal, Gym Show for Parents, Supports Week, Dance Week, Aerial Cartwheel Week, Gym Contest for Ribbons, Fitness Testing, Springs Week, Dad's Camera Day, Combinations, and Tumblefest Gym Show. (144-page Lesson Plan Book, No DVD) A C.D. of all lessons is available for an additional $25.00. Must call 219-865-2274 to order the additional C.D. by Tumblebear Connection

Tammy Biggs Flexibility DVD
Item Number: 2181
Price: $39.95

This DVD will review how active and passive flexibility is used in the USA Gymnastics National testing programs.  Proper training, equipment and technique will also be discussed.
Tammy Biggs Plyometrics DVD
Item Number: 2182
Price: $39.95

This DVD will review ways to incorporate plyometrics in leg training to increase power, agility and speed.
Tammy Biggs Vault DVD
Item Number: 2180
Price: $39.95

This DVD will review the tools and techniques to implement when beginning to train round-off entry vaults.
Trampoline & Tumbling Technique (New October 2011)
Item Number: 2426
Price: $25.00

Trampoline Progressions from basic bouncing technique, drops, drills for somersaulting, single somersaults with twists to double somersaulting and twisting multiple somersaults. The DVD shows an easy sequence for coaches to safely teach the highest level skills. These drills and skills are easily transferred to floor. There are bonus chapters on warm-up and conditioning as well as some tumbling: round-off, flic, and whip drills.

Produced by Joy Umenhofer

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