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Coaching Youth Gymnastics
Item Number: 3650
Price: $19.95

Coaching Youth Gymnastics, a new book from the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) and USA Gymnastics, covers coaching basics in a concise style that is customized for entry-level gymnastics coaches. Featuring a foreword by Shannon Miller, this one-of-a-kind book offers a unique blend of general coaching and sport-specific information. Techniques and skills for bars, floor, beam, and vault are presented by skill level rather than by age group and are applicable to both boys and girls where appropriate. Information on developing a coaching philosophy, communicating with athletes and parents, and providing basic sport first aid are included as well forms and safety checklists and sample lesson and practice plans to help you stay on task. Coaching Youth Gymnastics will help you to create an environment that promotes learning, enjoyment, safety, and motivation for youth gymnasts.
Back Handsprings: The Secret Techniques Easy to Learn Skills and Training Tips!
Item Number: 2968
Price: $19.95

This book is for cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers, martial artists, parents, instructors,... or anyone who wants to learn a back handspring safely. By Rik Feeney.
Basic Trampoline-The Beginning Steps DVD
Item Number: 2407
Price: $20.00

Approximate running time: 1 hr. 8 mins.
Cheerleading: Conditioning for Back Handsprings and Tumbling Success!
Item Number: 2969
Price: $19.95

This book is for cheerleaders, coaches, parents, gymnasts, martial artists, dancers, recreational instructors, or anyone interested in using conditioning techniques to improve physical health, athletic performance, and injury prevention. By Rik Feeney.
EZ Fun Birthday Parties
Item Number: 1024
Price: $39.95

EZ Fun Birthday Parties!

Gain Potential Students!  A filmed lecture and a EZ FUN Birthday party are included. The party on this DVD features our “Candy & Toy Bar” in action… wait until you see it! 35 min. & 29-page book)  Book and DVD by Tumblebear Connection.
Gym School Games CD
Item Number: 9121
Price: $15.00

This CD is designed to help gymnastics professionals entertain and educate students of all ages.  It contains team-building activities, sleepover fun, birthday party ideas, recreational games and much more.  By Mike Spiller
Gymnastics - Your Best Meet Ever
Item Number: 1027
Price: $19.95

Your Best Meet Ever

Attention all athletes!  As with any activity in life, “it is not what you do, but how you do it” that is important.  This 190 page book will help you with your goal setting, focus, attitude and more.  Written by Rita Brown and Rik Feeney.
Gym-N-Learn Educational Preschool Package
Item Number: 1012
Price: $219.95

Gym-N-Learn is a fitness based nursery school ideal for gym owners looking to make more DAYTIME MONEY! This easy-to- follow 198-page one year lesson plan book gives you step-by-step class themes, story time, circle time, alphabet work, and table time. It comes with six hand stamps and a DVD of a sample class. Lessons included: Introduce the Alphabet Letters, Letter Sounds, Letter Tracing, Introduce Numbers 1-15, Proper pencil Holding, Cutting/Scissor Safety, Introduce colors Months of the Year, Calendar Counting, Counting, Shapes, Rhyming, Weather, Same or Different, and Patterns. (1 hr. & 40 min. DVD & 198-page book) A C.D. of all lessons is available for an additional $25.00. Must call 219-865-2274 to order the additional C.D. by Tumblebear Connection.
Parent and Tot Complete Training Kit
Item Number: 1023
Price: $39.95

With this 2-hour DVD and 88-page book you can train brand new teachers and re-energize your present staff. These classes with high student to teacher ratios are the most important program in your gym, because they are the most profitable! Topics discussed are: Naming your program and sample class names, the importance of this program to the success of your gym, marketing, advertising ideas, and successful sample ads, who are your customers?, how to sell it to the Dads, reading readiness component, getting the parents to be a successful part of the class, scheduling for success, picking the right people as teachers, developmentally appropriate curriculum, educating the parents on the logic behind the classes, what to do with the child who cries, hits, is shy, etc., motor development terms, unique spotting for tots, sample lesson plans, successful cross mat tumbling for 2 & 3 year olds, 20 new ideas that learned from Switzerland, photos of proper spotting and danger areas in class, and brand new Parent and Tot progression sheets by Tumblebear Connection. (2hr. DVD & 88-page book)
Parent Child Activities Poster
Item Number: 6109
Price: $14.00

Colorful poster listing five reasons to participate in parent-child classes. Great pictures and graphics. Advertise the benefits of parent-child gymnastics classes throughout your facility with this great poster.  Size: 22X28
Perfect 10 Posture Book
Item Number: 9009
Price: $30.00

Perfect 10 Posture (P10P) is a unique 4-step training program designed to strengthen the body at its core, thereby enhancing gymnastics performance for athletes at all levels. Author Paula R. Lord PMA-CPT
School-Age Year-Long Lesson Plan Book
Item Number: 1011
Price: $149.95

Ready for a full calendar year? This 144-page book contains a complete set of 26 lesson plans. Included are stations and the specific skills to work on weekly. These items are a lifesaver, giving the school-age teacher an exact guide for each class. Lesson plans coincide with the weekly themes and setups used in #201 - make it easy on your teachers. Lessons included: Circuits and Straddle, Parent's Spotting, Mounts and Dismounts, Nutrition, Super Bowl Time, Val Pal, Gym Show for Parents, Supports Week, Dance Week, Aerial Cartwheel Week, Gym Contest for Ribbons, Fitness Testing, Springs Week, Dad's Camera Day, Combinations, and Tumblefest Gym Show. (144-page Lesson Plan Book, No DVD) A C.D. of all lessons is available for an additional $25.00. Must call 219-865-2274 to order the additional C.D. by Tumblebear Connection

Teaching Bars to School-Age Kids
Item Number: 1015
Price: $39.95

A great training tool for recreational class teachers, this DVD shows Patti and a group of students demonstrating 74 skills from long hang to kips. You can actually see in order of progression how to spot these skills! A detailed list of every skill discussed is included along with 18 teaching hints, six games, and 20 combinations by Tumblebear Connection. (1 hr. 17 min. DVD & 11-page book)
Toddler Gym CD & Guide
Item Number: 9319
Price: $19.95

Movement songs to build muscle control, endurance, strength, balance and more!  By Kimbo
Tumblebear Gym Year-Long Lesson Plan Package
Item Number: 1010
Price: $219.95

This 153-page book contains a full year of lesson plans featuring floor set up photos and DVD snippets from each lesson. Eight Tina & Teddy Tumblebear position hand stamps are also included. This is Patti's jewel Lessons included-Safety, ABC's of Cartwheels, Animal Action 2x2, Parent's Spotting Week, Mounts and Dismounts, Landings, Nutrition, Superbowl Fun, Winter Wonderland, Hooray for Handstands, Nursery Rhymes, Under the Big Top, Wild Weather, Aliens in Outer Space, Combinations, All American Sports, Muscle Beach Party, Mouse Mania, and Review with a Smile. (2 hrs. & 30 min. on two DVDs & 153-page book) A C.D. of all lessons is available for an additional $25.00. Must call 219-865-2274 to order the additional C.D.

Item Number: 1002
Price: $34.95

Level 1 Manual he Level 1 Gymnastics Coaching Manual covers all aspects of gymnastics at the Level 1 Level. Specifically it includes safety awareness information, coaching skills as they pertain to the Women's Artistic Level 1, progression charts, lesson plans, accountability charts, skill evaluation forms, legal responsibilities, glossary of terms and much much more!
Item Number: 1004
Price: $34.95

Level 3 Manual -The manual covers all aspects of gymnastics at the Level 3 level.

The Level 3 manual will include combinations putting together Level 1 and Level 2 skills by creating sequences and short routines. Included are spotting tips, safety tips, and Instructor charts and evaluation forms for charting students progress and lesson plans. By Gym Cert.

All Time Dance Favorites
Item Number: 9126
Price: $15.95

Kimbo Educational features the All-time Favorite Dances CD for upbeat classic tunes that children of all ages will enjoy. Fun kids dance music is a win-win way for children to get the exercise they need. Classic dance songs such as The Twist, The Limbo, The Mexican Hat Dance, The Chicken and The Hokey Pokey are children’s favorites. If your class needs fun movement activities for children, then this CD is perfect for you. No partners are necessary for this #1 collection of party dances for ages 4 and up. A guide with lyrics and instruction are included. It’s also available in VHS and DVD format under the category videos.

Bean Bag Activities
Item Number: 7055
Price: $15.95

Help children develop gross motor skills, increase balance, enhance directionality and right/left discrimination. Individual and group activities challenge kids while having fun. Kimbo's classic bean bag hit is adaptable for special needs. Guide with lyrics and instructions.
AGES: 3 to 8
Best Kids Songs
Item Number: 1900
Price: $15.95

Treasured songs, lively dances, sing and play-along activities make this collection of childhood
favorites a must for any classroom, home and library.
Guide with Lyrics, Instructions, and Extension Activities Included
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