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101 Ways to Get More Students
Item Number: 1018
Price: $39.95

This 23-page book and DVD will help you learn proven techniques that Patti has used through years of experience and success. Keeping new students coming through your doors all year long is imperative to success by Tumblebear Connection.  (1 hr. DVD & 24-page book) 
Athletic Taping and Bracing Book-3rd Edition
Item Number: 8000
Price: $59.00

The premier text for athletic taping and bracing retains its emphasis on the techniques most commonly used by athletic trainers and therapists while integrating the science of anatomy and injury mechanisms with the practice of athlete taping and bracing. By David H. Perrin, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Athletic Taping and Bracing DVD
Item Number: 8002
Price: $47.95

Taping expert David Perrin, PhD, ACT, demonstrates 32 taping and bracing procedures, 11 strap taping and kinesiology taping techniques on the DVD.
Customer Service Systems That Make a Dramatic Difference in Retention
Item Number: 1020
Price: $39.95

We have to make parents raving fans of our gyms from the moment they step into our facility. To be successful we know we need to create relationships with every one of our students and their parents. Patti explains systems, not just "tactics" that she uses at her gym to make each family feel special and therefore more apt to recruit their friends. That's what makes us a profit-a continual flow of new customers. She will explain systems for subjects such as: New Person Registration, Working the Front Desk, New Student (Super VIP), Child Gets Hurt in Class, Complaint & Refunds, Make-ups, and Customer Appreciation (yes-that's a system, too!). Management of your gym business will be easier with systems by Tumblebear Connection. (1 hr. 5 min. DVD & 26-page book)
EZ Fun Birthday Parties
Item Number: 1024
Price: $39.95

EZ Fun Birthday Parties!

Gain Potential Students!  A filmed lecture and a EZ FUN Birthday party are included. The party on this DVD features our “Candy & Toy Bar” in action… wait until you see it! 35 min. & 29-page book)  Book and DVD by Tumblebear Connection.
Front Office Excellence
Item Number: 1019
Price: $39.95

The first person your prospective customer comes in contact with over the phone or in person is your front desk person. Sure, they need to have great computer skills, look great, have a great personality, and have a special way with kids. But, wait there's more. They need to be your eyes and ears, the liaison between you and your staff and much more. A parent can have a bad experience with an office person and never want to come back even if their child loves your class. Your frontline is everything. Learn what puts that employee in the excellent category in this 23-page book and one hour plus DVD by Tumblebear Connection.  (1 hr. 5 min. DVD & 23-page book)
General Safety Poster- Athletes Responsibilities
Item Number: 6105
Price: $10.00

This safety poster includes basic safety recommendations for the gym, with emphasis on responsibilities of the athlete. The colorful illustrations are wonderful. Poster design by Steve Greeley. This poster is shipped folded.
Gymnastics Risk Management
Item Number: 7002
Price: $20.00

Gymnastics Risk Management, 2013 Edition, Revised November 2015
Gym-N-Learn Educational Preschool Package
Item Number: 1012
Price: $219.95

Gym-N-Learn is a fitness based nursery school ideal for gym owners looking to make more DAYTIME MONEY! This easy-to- follow 198-page one year lesson plan book gives you step-by-step class themes, story time, circle time, alphabet work, and table time. It comes with six hand stamps and a DVD of a sample class. Lessons included: Introduce the Alphabet Letters, Letter Sounds, Letter Tracing, Introduce Numbers 1-15, Proper pencil Holding, Cutting/Scissor Safety, Introduce colors Months of the Year, Calendar Counting, Counting, Shapes, Rhyming, Weather, Same or Different, and Patterns. (1 hr. & 40 min. DVD & 198-page book) A C.D. of all lessons is available for an additional $25.00. Must call 219-865-2274 to order the additional C.D. by Tumblebear Connection.
Hiring and Training a Top Notch Staff
Item Number: 1016
Price: $39.95

Hiring and Training a Top Notch Staff. Retails for $39.95- Patti covers the essentials of hiring and training a topnotch staff. She talks about hiring the RIGHT person and avoiding the #1 hiring mistake. Included are questions you should ask at an interview and questions you should not ask. Legal issues, recruiting methods and a job application is also included in this DVD and book by Tumblebear Connection.  (1 hr.15 min. DVD & 43-page book)
History of Gymnastics
Item Number: 3603
Price: $25.00

This book includes a comprehensive history of USA Gymnastics from the early years through 1991.
How to Start A Gymnastics Business
Item Number: 8020
Price: $24.95

How to Start A Gymnastics Business
Movement Education & Lesson Plan Development (MELPD) Workbook
Item Number: MELPD
Price: $12.00

This 2000 text was originally developed to accompany the Movement Education & Lesson Plan Development (MELPD) certification course and now serves as a reference for the Preschool Fundamentals educational courses. The MELPD workbook is continuing education from the KAT book and contains information for gymnastics teachers working with preschool-age children, including general recommendations for forming lesson ideas and plans.
Parent and Tot Complete Training Kit
Item Number: 1023
Price: $39.95

With this 2-hour DVD and 88-page book you can train brand new teachers and re-energize your present staff. These classes with high student to teacher ratios are the most important program in your gym, because they are the most profitable! Topics discussed are: Naming your program and sample class names, the importance of this program to the success of your gym, marketing, advertising ideas, and successful sample ads, who are your customers?, how to sell it to the Dads, reading readiness component, getting the parents to be a successful part of the class, scheduling for success, picking the right people as teachers, developmentally appropriate curriculum, educating the parents on the logic behind the classes, what to do with the child who cries, hits, is shy, etc., motor development terms, unique spotting for tots, sample lesson plans, successful cross mat tumbling for 2 & 3 year olds, 20 new ideas that learned from Switzerland, photos of proper spotting and danger areas in class, and brand new Parent and Tot progression sheets by Tumblebear Connection. (2hr. DVD & 88-page book)
Perfect 10 Posture Book
Item Number: 9009
Price: $30.00

Perfect 10 Posture (P10P) is a unique 4-step training program designed to strengthen the body at its core, thereby enhancing gymnastics performance for athletes at all levels. Author Paula R. Lord PMA-CPT
School-Age Year-Long Lesson Plan Book
Item Number: 1011
Price: $149.95

Ready for a full calendar year? This 144-page book contains a complete set of 26 lesson plans. Included are stations and the specific skills to work on weekly. These items are a lifesaver, giving the school-age teacher an exact guide for each class. Lesson plans coincide with the weekly themes and setups used in #201 - make it easy on your teachers. Lessons included: Circuits and Straddle, Parent's Spotting, Mounts and Dismounts, Nutrition, Super Bowl Time, Val Pal, Gym Show for Parents, Supports Week, Dance Week, Aerial Cartwheel Week, Gym Contest for Ribbons, Fitness Testing, Springs Week, Dad's Camera Day, Combinations, and Tumblefest Gym Show. (144-page Lesson Plan Book, No DVD) A C.D. of all lessons is available for an additional $25.00. Must call 219-865-2274 to order the additional C.D. by Tumblebear Connection

The Most Important Job In The World
Item Number: 6119
Price: $20.00

Get the DVD that contains the Top 10 things you need to know in order to successfully parent an athlete. A must see for all gymnastics parents! By Dr Alison Arnold
Guide to Safety & Training in the Gym (2-disc DVD set)
Item Number: 6111
Price: $25.00

This is a 2-disc DVD set. Disc one includes Olympians, Shannon Miller and John Macready, along with 2007 National Champion, David Durante, and American Gladiator, Beth Horn, taking you through the sections of useful information for clubs, parents, and athletes. Information includes safety orientation videos, parent tips, the benefits of gymnastics, communication tips, safety posters and handouts, and much more. Disc two shows various examples of extricating an injured athlete from a foam pit. Use these DVDs in your lobby to promote your program and for educational purposes with staff and participants.
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