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Athletic Taping and Bracing Book-3rd Edition
Item Number: 8000
Price: $59.00

The premier text for athletic taping and bracing retains its emphasis on the techniques most commonly used by athletic trainers and therapists while integrating the science of anatomy and injury mechanisms with the practice of athlete taping and bracing. By David H. Perrin, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Athletic Taping and Bracing DVD
Item Number: 8002
Price: $47.95

Taping expert David Perrin, PhD, ACT, demonstrates 32 taping and bracing procedures, 11 strap taping and kinesiology taping techniques on the DVD.
Back Handspring Drills/Back Tuck Clinic
Item Number: 1014
Price: $39.95

Patti gives a lecture on teaching and spotting the back handspring while a student performs each step. Also included on the DVD is a one-hour back handspring clinic that showcases a number of useful drills. The accompanying book includes 40 drills and hints on teaching the back handspring by Tumblebear Connection. (1 hr. 20 min. DVD & 6-page book)
Gymnastics Risk Management
Item Number: 7002
Price: $20.00

Gymnastics Risk Management, 2013 Edition, Revised July 2014
Gymnastics: Skills and Drills for the Women's Level 1-2-3 Coach and Gymnast by Rita Brown and Gym Cert
Item Number: 8012
Price: $39.95

Gymnastics: Skills and Drills for the Women's Level 4 Coach and Gymnast by Rita Brown and Gym Cert
Item Number: 8013
Price: $39.95

Gymnastics: Skills and Drills for the Women's Level 5 Coach and Gymnast by Rita Brown and Gym Cert
Item Number: 8014
Price: $39.95

Perfect 10 Posture Book
Item Number: P10P
Price: $30.00

Perfect 10 Posture (P10P) is a unique 4-step training program designed to strengthen the body at its core, thereby enhancing gymnastics performance for athletes at all levels. Author Paula R. Lord PMA-CPT
School-Age Stations and Drills
Item Number: 1022
Price: $39.95

Patti and Rhonda Zaluckyj show over a hundred stations for school-age classes. You will see how many of your favorite preschool stations can be left up and used in a different way for school-age as well as many stations created just for the older student. The key skills for each event are showcased and stations and drills for those skills are shown and explained in detail by Tumblebear Connection. (90 min. & 11-page book)
The Gymnast Care Book on Injuries
Item Number: 6005
Price: $39.95

The Gymnast Care Book on Injuries gives you a plan of action for your gymnast’s injury that you can put into place today, with easy to follow, proven protocols for the most common gymnastics injuries.

There is very little information widely available on gymnastics injuries, and you can be left guessing what the best course of action can be for your gymnast. As a parent or coach, you have been to many different providers looking for answers for your gymnasts without much help. This can be extremely frustrating.

The Gymnast Care Book on Injuries gives you easy to use, simple to follow, practical protocols that you can put into place today to get your athlete healthier and stronger than before.

We've put our proven protocols for ankle, heel, knee, hip flexor, back, wrist, nutrition, and head injuries into the Gymnast Care Book on Injuries so you can know what the leaders in gymnastics injuries are using every day to get their gymnasts back into the gym.

All of the protocols for core strength, landing technique, and other injuries are the same ones used by the professionals that work with the worlds best athletes: Olympians.
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