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Trampoline & Tumbling 2013-2017 JO Bundle
Item Number: 2437
Price: $65.00

The bundle includes the 2013-2017 J.O. Code of Points, the Guide to the J.O. Program CD (item #2436) and the 2013-2017 J.O. Routines DVD (item # 2435). New October 2012.

** Now available.
Trampoline & Tumbling 2013-2017 JO Code of Points/Guide to the JO Program CD Levels 1-10
Item Number: 2436
Price: $30.00

Included on the CD are the 2013-2017 Junior Olympic (J.O.) Code of Points with rules for Levels 1-10 in all disciplines. , and the Guide to the J.O. Program, with tips and diagrams for coaches and judges. New October 2012.

** Now Available.
Trampoline & Tumbling 2013-2017 JO Routines DVD Levels 1-10
Item Number: 2435
Price: $40.00

The Trampoline & Tumbling 2013-2017 J.O. Routines DVD includes a video of all routines/passes/mobility skills for T&T JO Levels 1-10.   New October 2012.  ** Now available.
Athlete Warrior Tumbling and Trampoline
Item Number: 2441
Price: $50.00

This workbook is for the optional gymnast who is ready to take their mental training to the next level. They should already be familiar with sport psychology and enjoy thinking "deep". Mental training is no different than physical training. It takes time, commitment, and discipline. Too many gymnasts train an amazing amount of hours physically without ever attending to mental training. All fear, frustration, inconsistency, competition stress, discouragement, anxiety, and anger stems from out of control thinking. Out of control thinking leads to out of control performance. This workbook will help gymnasts discipline their minds just as they discipline their bodies. Mental training is not for "head cases". It is for any gymnast that is committed enough to be her very best.
The exercises in this workbook are aimed to help the gymnast maintain correct mental technique or what we call "tight mind". We define "tight mind" as "in the zone"; feeling confident, effortless, relaxed, excited, and focused. Disciplining the mind takes practice. Just as any gymnast works on maintaining correct technique, pulling the body back to perfection when it is off, disciplining the mind takes the same pain-staking effort.
The Athlete Warrior is for a gymnast that can think deep and is 100% committed to mental training. The foundation of this workbook is Eastern philosophical mind training. The training monks and martial artists are known for. It will not only change an athlete's gymnastics, but change the way they look at life.
Athletic Taping and Bracing Book-3rd Edition
Item Number: 8000
Price: $65.00

The premier text for athletic taping and bracing retains its emphasis on the techniques most commonly used by athletic trainers and therapists while integrating the science of anatomy and injury mechanisms with the practice of athlete taping and bracing. By David H. Perrin, PhD, ATC, FNATA
Athletic Taping and Bracing DVD
Item Number: 8002
Price: $50.00

Taping expert David Perrin, PhD, ACT, demonstrates 32 taping and bracing procedures, 11 strap taping and kinesiology taping techniques on the DVD.
Drills for Trampoline & Tumbling by Joy Umenhofer ~ Tumbling & Double Mini
Item Number: 2449
Price: $25.00

Tumbling Drills uses the rod floor, trampoline, and loose foam pit to support the correct development of skills containing rotation and twist.  These drills will also correct common mistakes such as: twisting too soon, burying head at take-off, lack of block off floor, etc.  Mistakes that often prevent higher skill development. Beginning these drills at the earliest stage of development will lead to solid skill acquisition and confidence in the athlete later on.

Double Mini Drills to enhance double mini trampoline mounts, dismounts, speed, and power. Increase performance from the takeoff and run to the mount, spotter, and dismount development.  The DVD gives alternatives for tumbling and double mini to accommodate seasonal components of annual training plans.
Trampoline & Tumbling - Understanding Scoring DVD
Item Number: 2439
Price: $25.00

This DVD is a training tool for coaches and judges. It shows the 2013-2017 J.O. routines in each discipline and provides the viewer with an average score and an explanation of what that the routine would have received.    New October 2012.**Now available.
Trampoline & Tumbling 2013-2017 Judges Bundle
Item Number: 2438
Price: $65.00

The bundle includes the 2013-2017 JO Code of Points (Item 2436), the Guide to Judging, Understanding Scoring, and Understanding Difficulty.

** Now available.
Trampoline Drills for ALL Gymnastics Disciplines by Joy Umenhofer ~ Critical Drills for Skill Development & Challenging Skills to Coach
Item Number: 2451
Price: $35.00

Critical Drills for Skill Development demonstrates the correlation and importance of trampoline basics, such as foot placement to enhance power, height, and control in bouncing. As well as position jumps, stomach drop and back drop to the aid development of more difficult skills.  Instruction on most efficient, quick, and mechanically sound ways to teach front and back twisting up through multiple somersaults with and without twist.  These skills, drills, and progressions contain critical concepts on flipping and twisting to teach at the beginning level and are imperative for future training growth. Building a strong foundation of air awareness and understanding of each quarter of rotation and twist assists both the athlete and the coach to safely progress toward double and triple somersaults with confidence. Beginning these drills at the earliest stage of development will lead to solid skill acquisition and confidence in the athlete later on. Good for both trampoline and tumbling and artistic gymnastics.

Challenging Skills to Coach provides progressions and spotting techniques for the cody and 1 & 3/4 Front to assist the coach’s success of instructing athletes.  Both of these skills are critical in developing higher level athletes in both artistic gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling, however, sometimes overlooked due to the challenge of teaching.
Basic Skill Progressions is an extra feature with a few very basics of forward, backward, and twisting.
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