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Conditioning Readiness DVD
Item Number: 2442
Price: $4.95

This DVD is part of the "3 to Get Ready" series. It gives a general introduction to conditioning for gymnastics and comes with written material (insert) to supplement the DVD. Approximate running time: 45 mins.
Dance Drills DVD- Instructor's Workshop
Item Number: 2114
Price: $15.00

Coaches Education. Approximate running time: 2 hrs.
Dance Party Fun
Item Number: 9166
Price: $15.95

Twelve kid-pleasing songs have been choreographed with simple dance steps. Dancing can be a springboard to learning as it promotes a sense of rhythm and varied beats, as well as coordination, and fosters socialization skills. Please see Video Category for DVD and VHS formats.
Dance Your Way to Greater Skills
Item Number: 9016
Price: $25.95

Dance Your Way to Greater Skills is an educational DVD that brings dance technique to your gym workouts. This is the perfect DVD for teachers and coaches of all levels wanting a simple way to incorporate dance elements. The DVD offers 1, 5, and 10 minute "routines" that athletes will be able to do to improve their dance skills. Perfect for lesson plans from the recreational to the competitive gymnast. Just press play and have your athletes follow along to let Dance Your Way to Greater Skills create a great foundation and empower your athletes to excel with the dance elements of the new compulsories and beyond! By Julianne Jarrett Snape
Drills for Trampoline & Tumbling by Joy Umenhofer ~ Tumbling & Double Mini
Item Number: 2449
Price: $25.00

Tumbling Drills uses the rod floor, trampoline, and loose foam pit to support the correct development of skills containing rotation and twist.  These drills will also correct common mistakes such as: twisting too soon, burying head at take-off, lack of block off floor, etc.  Mistakes that often prevent higher skill development. Beginning these drills at the earliest stage of development will lead to solid skill acquisition and confidence in the athlete later on.

Double Mini Drills to enhance double mini trampoline mounts, dismounts, speed, and power. Increase performance from the takeoff and run to the mount, spotter, and dismount development.  The DVD gives alternatives for tumbling and double mini to accommodate seasonal components of annual training plans.
Drills, Cues, and Complexes for Compulsory Beam by Abbie Cole
Item Number: 3114
Price: $39.95

Teaching the compulsory beam routines from the book isn’t the easiest thing to comprehend. For instance: “Sideward-downward, and forward-upward to high”. Now repeat that sentence to a child and they are lost. That is where the first part of this DVD comes in. When you approach the routine with words like “airplane” and “monkey arms”, you grasp the gymnasts’ attention, which results in more fun while teaching the routines, not to mention it increases the gymnast memory of the routine! In addition, between Cheryl Jarrett and me, this DVD has a compilation of our favorite drills for the skills in the beam routines. The idea is to take these drills and implement them into your lesson plans. This DVD is an aid for coaches for all levels (1-5) on beam.
Dynamic Stretching DVD
Item Number: 2425
Price: $20.00

The Dynamic Stretching DVD, presented by Megan Gearhart, PT, OCS, is approximately 18 minutes in length, but if completed with recommended repetitions, the workout would comprise a 30-minute dynamic warm-up.
EZ Fun Birthday Parties
Item Number: 1024
Price: $39.95

EZ Fun Birthday Parties!

Gain Potential Students!  A filmed lecture and a EZ FUN Birthday party are included. The party on this DVD features our “Candy & Toy Bar” in action… wait until you see it! 35 min. & 29-page book)  Book and DVD by Tumblebear Connection.
Fear-Tame the BEAST
Item Number: 8105
Price: $69.00

FEAR-Tame the Beast is a seven week workbook and video program designed to: Learn where your fear comes from and fight back, conquer fear using the tools of mind, body and spirit, create permanent change by reprograming your brain and overcome performance blocks and balks. It is Doc Ali’s most comprehensive tool to date to conquer the fear beast with tools for a the coach, gymnast and parent. By Dr Alison Arnold
Fierce Five Poster
Item Number: 1030
Price: $10.00

From Chump to Champ - How Individuals Go From Good to Great by David Benzel
Item Number: 8100
Price: $14.99

Discover what it takes to be a Champ! Some organizations and families, are healthier, more productive, and more successful than others. Look closely and you will see that the most common factor distinguishing good from great in either a team or a family is its individuals and their unique relationships. Are the individuals in your organization, or your family, eager for growth...but stuck without a plan; hungry for excellence...but wallowing in mediocrity? Is greatness just out of reach? In order for the group to move from good to great, the individuals within it must first move from Chump to Champ. It is a journey that must start on the individual level, and requires persistence and direction every step of the way. Join David Benzel on one of the most significant and meaningful endeavors you or your team will ever take.
Front & Back Rotation-The Beginning Steps of Flipping DVD
Item Number: 2409
Price: $20.00

Designed for trampoline and tumbling education. Approximate running time: 1 hr. 42 mins.
Front Office Excellence
Item Number: 1019
Price: $39.95

The first person your prospective customer comes in contact with over the phone or in person is your front desk person. Sure, they need to have great computer skills, look great, have a great personality, and have a special way with kids. But, wait there's more. They need to be your eyes and ears, the liaison between you and your staff and much more. A parent can have a bad experience with an office person and never want to come back even if their child loves your class. Your frontline is everything. Learn what puts that employee in the excellent category in this 23-page book and one hour plus DVD by Tumblebear Connection.  (1 hr. 5 min. DVD & 23-page book)
Gheza Pozsar's Ballet Bar Training for Gymnasts DVD
Item Number: 2961
Price: $10.00

Dance and ballet bar instruction for artistic gymnastics by Gheza Pozsar. Approximate running time: 16 mins.
Gym School Games 2
Item Number: 9320
Price: $20.00

This CD is designed to help gymnastics professionals entertain and educate students of all ages.  It contains team-building activities, sleepover fun, birthday party ideas, recreational games and much more.  By Mike Spiller
Gym School Games CD
Item Number: 9121
Price: $15.00

This CD is designed to help gymnastics professionals entertain and educate students of all ages.  It contains team-building activities, sleepover fun, birthday party ideas, recreational games and much more.  By Mike Spiller
Gymnastics - Your Best Meet Ever
Item Number: 1027
Price: $19.95

Your Best Meet Ever

Attention all athletes!  As with any activity in life, “it is not what you do, but how you do it” that is important.  This 190 page book will help you with your goal setting, focus, attitude and more.  Written by Rita Brown and Rik Feeney.
Gymnastics: Skills and Drills for the Women's Level 5 Coach and Gymnast by Rita Brown and Gym Cert
Item Number: 8014
Price: $39.95

Gym-N-Learn Educational Preschool Package
Item Number: 1012
Price: $219.95

Gym-N-Learn is a fitness based nursery school ideal for gym owners looking to make more DAYTIME MONEY! This easy-to- follow 198-page one year lesson plan book gives you step-by-step class themes, story time, circle time, alphabet work, and table time. It comes with six hand stamps and a DVD of a sample class. Lessons included: Introduce the Alphabet Letters, Letter Sounds, Letter Tracing, Introduce Numbers 1-15, Proper pencil Holding, Cutting/Scissor Safety, Introduce colors Months of the Year, Calendar Counting, Counting, Shapes, Rhyming, Weather, Same or Different, and Patterns. (1 hr. & 40 min. DVD & 198-page book) A C.D. of all lessons is available for an additional $25.00. Must call 219-865-2274 to order the additional C.D. by Tumblebear Connection.
Head Games Visualization CD Gymnastics
Item Number: 6112
Price: $25.00

The first visualization CD for the young gymnast. This CD of mental adventures helps the athlete gain confidence, learn how to beat negative thoughts, and mentally prepare for competition. The basic language is excellent for the compulsory gymnast.By Dr Alison Arnold
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