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Sport Physiology for Coaches
Item Number: 6121
Price: $39.00

Sport Physiology for Coaches is designed to help coaches assess, refine, enhance, and improve athletes’ performance through an applied approach to exercise physiology. Written primarily for high school coaches, this practical, user-friendly text not only covers training essentials for muscular and energy fitness, but it also provides the hands-on assessments, forms, and training plans to help you implement the concepts in your training sessions. To guide you in the development of a training program for your sport, the book features sample programs for sports involving skill, power, power endurance, intermittent activity, and aerobic activity. You’ll learn the principles behind development of muscular and energy fitness, differentiate between myth and science, and glean the latest training techniques and lessons from science and top coaches. In the end, you’ll come away with a systematic approach and integrated training plan for developing your athletes’ energy and muscular fitness. With Sport Physiology for Coaches, you’ll discover how knowledge of sport physiology and training can contribute to your athletes’ success and to your understanding and enjoyment of coaching.
Sport Psychology for Coaches
Item Number: 6122
Price: $44.00

Sport Psychology for Coaches provides information that coaches need to help athletes build mental toughness and achieve excellence—in sport and in life. As a coach, you’ll gain a big-picture perspective on the mental side of sport by examining how athletes act, think, and feel when they practice and compete. You’ll learn to use such mental tools as goal setting, imagery, relaxation, energization, and self-talk to help your athletes build mental training programs. You’ll also see how assisting your athletes in developing mental skills such as motivation, energy management, focus, stress management, and self-confidence leads to increased enjoyment, improved life skills, and enhanced performance. And you’ll discover how to put it all together into mental plans and mental skills training programs that allow your athletes to attain and maintain a mind-set that fosters peak performance.

The easy-to-follow format of the text includes learning objectives that introduce each chapter, sidebars illustrating sport-specific applications of key concepts and principles, chapter summaries organized by content and sequence, key terms, chapter review questions, a comprehensive glossary, and other useful resources to help readers implement mental training programs for athletes.

Sport Psychology for Coaches is a practical, easy-to-use resource reflecting the two authors’ combined 45 years of teaching, coaching, researching, and consulting experience. It reflects principles that are not only consistent with the latest theory and research, but have stood the test of time and worked for coaches and athletes in all sports at all levels. You’ll come away from Sport Psychology for Coaches with a greater understanding and appreciation for sport psychology and the practical knowledge you need to put it to work for you and your athletes.

Sports Acrobatics Ten Basic Skills DVD
Item Number: 2500
Price: $15.00

This DVD contains examples of fundamental acrobatics skills along with various drills, proper technique, and more.
Steady, Ready, Jump
Item Number: 9309
Price: $15.95

 Preschool Fitness & Fun By Georgiana Stewart. An exciting quality daily fitness CD created just for the preschooler! Get kids 3-6 years of age moving to fun routines! Flexibility, strength and aerobics from warm-up to cool down. Important benefits include: self-regulatory behavior, sensory integration, improved motor skills, valuable educational concepts, nutrition, the environment, movement, and more! Warm-Up To The Workout, Clap To The Click, Go Green Cheer, Stretch Every Day, Hip Hop Hold Yoga Breaths and lots more.
Strength Training Anatomy
Item Number: 8010
Price: $19.95

Over 1 million copies sold! Exercises and stretches with illustrations, you will gain a whole new understanding of how muscles perform during strength exercises. This one-of-a-kind best-seller combines the visual detail of top anatomy texts with the best of strength training advise. Like having an X-ray for each exercise, the anatomical depictions show both superficial and deep layers and detail how various setup positions affect muscle recruitment and emphasize underlying structures.
Tammy Biggs Flexibility DVD
Item Number: 2181
Price: $39.95

This DVD will review how active and passive flexibility is used in the USA Gymnastics National testing programs.  Proper training, equipment and technique will also be discussed.
Tammy Biggs Plyometrics DVD
Item Number: 2182
Price: $39.95

This DVD will review ways to incorporate plyometrics in leg training to increase power, agility and speed.
Tammy Biggs Vault DVD
Item Number: 2180
Price: $39.95

This DVD will review the tools and techniques to implement when beginning to train round-off entry vaults.
Teaching Somersaults DVD
Item Number: 2406
Price: $20.00

Approximate running time: 45 mins.
The Athlete Warrior
Item Number: 6114
Price: $50.00

This workbook is for the optional gymnast who is ready to take their mental training to the next level. The exercises in this workbook are aimed to help the gymnast maintain correct mental technique orwhat we call "tight mind", face fears, flip frustration, and achieve ideal mental states in competition. By Dr Alison Arnold
The Leadership Warrior A to Z
Item Number: 6116
Price: $20.00

A four week practice in authentic leading and living.
The Most Important Job In The World
Item Number: 6119
Price: $20.00

Get the DVD that contains the Top 10 things you need to know in order to successfully parent an athlete. A must see for all gymnastics parents! By Dr Alison Arnold
The Spectrum
Item Number: 6117
Price: $20.00

All athletes are not alike. Who are you? Who are the athletes you're coaching? Find out by taking The Spectrum! Understand the unique 8 colors of The Spectrum, identifying individual styles of communication, motivation, and competition.
The X Factor-Twisting for Trampoline DVD
Item Number: 2408
Price: $20.00

Approximate running time: 57 mins.
Toddler Gym CD & Guide
Item Number: 9319
Price: $19.95

Movement songs to build muscle control, endurance, strength, balance and more!  By Kimbo
Train Your Mind
Item Number: 6118
Price: $20.00

The latest CD from Dr. Alison Arnold. The CD contains four drills to help the athlete train and condition the mind. Topics include: creating their perfect mental state for practice and competition, changing negative thoughts fast, working through fear, and preparing for competition.By Dr Alison Arnold
Trampoline & Tumbling - Understanding Difficulty
Item Number: 2440
Price: $25.00

This DVD is a training tool for coaches and judges. It shows the 2013 – 2017 JO routines in each discipline and provides the viewer with the difficulty of skills and routines and shows them how the difficulty is calculated.
Trampoline & Tumbling - Understanding Scoring DVD
Item Number: 2439
Price: $25.00

This DVD is a training tool for coaches and judges. It shows the 2013-2017 J.O. routines in each discipline and provides the viewer with an average score and an explanation of what that the routine would have received.    New October 2012.

This item is currently unavailable as it is being updated following changes recently made by the T&T Program Committee. Please check back for updated products in January of 2017.
Trampoline & Tumbling 2013-2017 JO Bundle
Item Number: 2437
Price: $65.00

The bundle includes the 2013-2017 J.O. Code of Points, the Guide to the J.O. Program CD (item #2436) and the 2013-2017 J.O. Routines DVD (item # 2435). New October 2012.

This item is currently unavailable as it is being updated following changes recently made by the T&T Program Committee. Please check back for updated products on August 1, 2017.
Trampoline & Tumbling 2013-2017 JO Code of Points/Guide to the JO Program CD Levels 1-10
Item Number: 2436
Price: $30.00

Included on the CD are the 2013-2017 Junior Olympic (J.O.) Code of Points with rules for Levels 1-10 in all disciplines. , and the Guide to the J.O. Program, with tips and diagrams for coaches and judges. New October 2012.

This item is currently unavailable as it is being updated following changes recently made by the T&T Program Committee. Please check back for updated products on August 1, 2017.
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