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Xcel DEM Cards
Item Number: 8102
Price: $40.00

Xcel DEM Cards are a concise version of the Xcel rules. These cards list: A description of each vault and deductions for each division's vaults. Special Requirements on Bars, Beam and Floor as well as Difficulty restrictions, Value Parts and Clarifications for each division. Event deductions and angle requirements

Thank you for your interest in this item. We have currently stopped sales on this item. The new JO and Xcel rules will be released Spring/Summer of 2018 and at the time this item will once again be available for purchase containing all the new updates.
Yurchenko Development
Item Number: 2457
Price: $25.00

Yurchenko Development  (DVD does not have audio)  

This will cover how we  (at TBT) have implemented basic drills for Yurchenko style vaulting into our program to prepare beginning level optional gymnasts for the future. By Brad Harris of Tampa Bay Turners  
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